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Job Offer - Artist [HIRING] Another 2D Pixel Artist to join our team! :)

Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by StoneTide, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. StoneTide

    StoneTide Member

    Jan 1, 2018
    Hey everyone,

    We're looking for an additional artist to come join our team on the epic making of StoneTide: Age of Pirates! :cool:


    Please tick off the requirements before applying.


    - Must be able to produce the same art style as shown in our game => https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.p...ox-open-world-pirate-action-experience.41893/

    - Active and have Discord, Skype is option-able.

    - Drawn proof sample(s) of the same art style to apply.

    - Preferably work a minimum of 20 hours a week. (Negotiable depending on speed & time available)

    - Sign a NDA.

    What To Expect:

    - We're aiming to finish this game and many more games to come so hopefully a long-term relationship will be established.

    - You will be working with our lead artist in helping him complete sprites at a faster rate, payment will be made per sprite/frame.

    What To Send In The Email:

    - Portfolio.
    - Drawn sample(s) of the same art style. (More the better eg. sprite, tile and a small gui preferably)
    - State if you have Discord and Skype.
    - How many hours a week you can work and how active you are. (eg. usually everyday etc.)

    Send your application to stonetidethegame@gmail.com :)


    StoneTide Team
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2018

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