Job Offer - Artist [HIRING] Another 2D Pixel Artist to join our team! :)


Hey everyone,

We're looking for an additional artist to come join our team on the epic making of StoneTide: Age of Pirates! :cool:

Please tick off the requirements before applying.


- Must be able to produce the same art style as shown in our game =>

- Active and have Discord, Skype is option-able.

- Drawn proof sample(s) of the same art style to apply.

- Preferably work a minimum of 20 hours a week. (Negotiable depending on speed & time available)

- Sign a NDA.

What To Expect:

- We're aiming to finish this game and many more games to come so hopefully a long-term relationship will be established.

- You will be working with our lead artist in helping him complete sprites at a faster rate, payment will be made per sprite/frame.

What To Send In The Email:

- Portfolio.
- Drawn sample(s) of the same art style. (More the better eg. sprite, tile and a small gui preferably)
- State if you have Discord and Skype.
- How many hours a week you can work and how active you are. (eg. usually everyday etc.)

Send your application to :)


StoneTide Team
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