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Hippie Bus
You play a peace-loving hippie fresh on vacation from your job. You've taken the week off so you can go to the annual camping festival "VolksKamp". You must get everything you need, then drive the Hippie Bus out of town, up the mountain, and into camp. There may be other destinations (levels) as well.

Download the WIP here:
Hippie Bus WIP

About 20 years ago, my friends and I were driving Volkswagens and going camping. I never realized how much I missed riding in and driving an old VW bus. The bus was so much fun to drive, but VeeWee's aren't for the faint of heart. They must be cared for like no other. A Volkswagen owner must expect breakdowns and be prepared to remedy his or her vehicle's ailments. I wasn't so good at this part of volkswagendom, which is why I don't own a VW anymore. So, until I find a small mountain of extra cash to buy another one, this little game idea will have to itch that scratch for me.
If the Volkswagen Bus is of any interest to you, there's a documentary on Amazon Prime called "The Bus" (made in 2012) that explores the legend and lore of this humble, yet surprisingly noble automobile.

Here's my very first try, when I tried NOT using GMS2's physics.

Here's a video (click the link below) showing GMS2's physics system being put to good use.

Anywho, I'm not really sure what to do with this game, but here are some ideas I've had so far - - even so, I'm not so sure all of these ideas will combine to make an actual, fun-to-play game. I guess we'll see. :)
Obstacles in the road --
Jump over them. (Traffic cones, potholes, large rocks, small fallen trees.)
Stop and Wait for them. (Cows, deer, dogs, people --- will move out of the way after you stop, if you don't hit them!)
Stop and Remove them. (Small boulders, larger fallen trees, broken-down vehicle).​

Maintain your vehicle --
If you push the old girl too hard, she's bound to break. However, the stronger your parts are and the more often they're maintained, the better chances you'll have. Engine work, shocks and springs, tires, brakes -- all have a life span and need maintenance, and all can be improved with upgrades.​

Gather Supplies --
You'll need food, drinks, and camping gear if you're going camping. No, you don't need a tent, but you might want things like cooking utensils, a fishing pole, a shovel may come in handy. Who knows what else you might find along the way. You can make trades with some sellers, but others will only take cash. Be careful, you only have so much space. And don't forget to fill the tank with gas!​

Money --
You start with a limited amount of money. You can make money by selling items, street performing, and giving people rides.​

Passengers --
Maybe you pick up a friend along the way. Way cool, but now you'll have to make sure your supplies hold out. Don't worry, your friend might have some cash to pitch in!​

Time --
You don't have all the time in the world, but you're not in a panic rush. Time will pass, day to night. Not sure if sleep will be a game mechanic.​

Customization --
Choose from different body styles. So far in the game: Window Bus, Camper Bus, Beetle, Baja Bug. Thinking of adding: Pop-up Bus, Thing, Squareback.
Also thinking about custom colors/paint jobs.
Engines can be replaced by bigger and more powerful engines. Same with other parts as mentioned above.
The Hippie player character can be male or female, chosen at game start. (Perhaps they could be customized with hair styles, clothes and colors someday.)​

I think I had some more ideas, but I can't remember them.

Here's the third video I made showing the improved bus sprite, and two other body styles.

I'm almost 1% finished with the project so far. Shouldn't be long now. :)
I'm happy to hear any suggestions and comments. Thanks for reading and taking a look!
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I came home one day and my wife told me to go buy a VW camper van with a for sale sign on it. I went to look at it came home and told my wife she was insane.

I love them but I don’t have the time to tinker with one and keep it running.

I like your idea much better.

I think die hard people would like the different models of camper van. The pop up is a must.

“If you push the old girl she is bound to break”

Isn’t that the truth. Haha.

I like the pick up a friend idea.

Some great memories. I love it.


Looks pleasant already. That's one chill little bus.

The "VolksKamp" festival name doesn't sound hippy-like at all. It has a Nazi taste to it.

The road art works well, even has some depth to it.
I'd love to see some huge hills to climb up and race down.


Looks pleasant already. That's one chill little b
The "VolksKamp" festival name doesn't sound hippy-like at all. It has a Nazi taste to it.

The road art works well, even has some depth to it.
I'd love to see some huge hills to climb up and race down.
I don’t see any nazi connection but sure you could change the name for broader appeal. X
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I've never had the pleasure of owning a camper van, but I assume the suspension to be a bit better than it appears in the game.
(maybe upgradable)?