Asset - Project Hill Racing Template for GMS1.x & GMS2 [50% off]



Hill Racing
is a template/demo project to Hill Climb Racing, a popular mobile physics based game.

Marketplace: Hill racing
Demo Windows: download
Demo Android download

More screenshots:


  • left & right arrow
  • R for restarting
  • escape for quitting current game
There is no end-game menu implemented. You have to use escape to return to the upgrade menu.

  • precise physics with Box2d
  • path based procedurally generated terrain
  • terrain debugger
  • 3 vehicles & 5 terrains to choose from
  • simple view adjusting to fit most mobile phones in landscape mode
  • engine sound
  • upgrade menu with 5 vehicle upgrades:
    • acceleration
    • top speed
    • air control
    • traction
    • gas efficiency
What it doesn't contain:
  • IAP implementation
  • saving/loading
  • advanced menus
The project is completely commented but basic knowledge in the following is still recommended:
  • data structures: maps and lists
  • Box2d physics
  • vertex buffers
  • scripts
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