GMS 2 Hightlighting mouse over text

I'm going to have a lot of text based menus in the game I'm making, and I'm trying to make it so that when I mouse over clickable text it highlights in a different color. I have an object that draws text to the screen and is supposed to highlight when you mouse over it. I also have another object that builds an array of text objects and maps them to the screen.

This is the interesting part: For some reason, right now, when I mouse over a piece of text, it highlights the next piece of text.

So, for example, I mouse over "Play game", and it highlights "Settings". I mouse over "Settings", and it highlights "Quit". I don't know why.

Here's the code for my text objects:

Create Event:
optionText = "click me";
Draw Event:
draw_text(x, y, optionText);

if point_in_rectangle(mouse_x, mouse_y, x, y, x + string_width(optionText), y + string_height(optionText))
Here's the code for my builder object:

Create Event:
menuOptions = 3;
for (var i = menuOptions - 1; i >= 0; i--)
    menuOptions[i] = instance_create_layer(x, y + (i * 50), "layer_menu", obj_menuOption);

menuOptions[0].optionText = "Play game";
menuOptions[1].optionText = "Settings";
menuOptions[2].optionText = "Quit";
Any help would be appreciated!

Simon Gust

You have to set the color for the text before you draw the text, just like you set the font before you draw the text.