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Question - IDE High idle CPU/GPU load in IDE


Task Manager reports GMS IDE at over 40% GPU load when set to 30fps (55-60% if left at 60fps) - about the same as Sekiro. It's also maxing out one of the CPU cores.

For comparison, Unity, foregrounded, uses 0-1.2% CPU and 0-1% GPU.

What on earth is GMS doing?


Just tested

CPU core is still maxed
GPU down to 20%
With Windows IDE V2.3.5.589 with default settings (60fps) I get:
Unfocused - CPU between 0.8%-1.4% and GPU between 1.0%-2.0%.
Focused - CPU between 4.5-6.0% and GPU between 11%-12%.

This machine is up-to-date Windows 10, i7-7700, 6GB 1060 so nothing special but your numbers are abnormally high.
Are you also using the Windows IDE or Mac/Linux?

1) What are your specs and has this just started happening recently or always been like it?
2) Is it an especially large project?
3) Is it a laptop that could be being throttled and/or using onboard graphics instead of the discrete GPU?
4) Any software that might need GMS2 whitelisting to prevent realtime scanning/monitoring?
5) Are your OS and drivers upto date?


Check 2.3.7, and from what Dan wrote in 2.3.7 topic, beta of 2.3.8 should have even more optimizations for GPU (one of next betas will have it).