Hi i purchased game maker a long time ago but need help


Hello to anyone reading this ,i bought game maker way back in 2015 ,The problem im having is not losing my serial key , but the fact that i cant remember the password,now i tried to send for a password reset but the documentation requires the email address of the account i created ,Which i no longer have.And when i finally managed to open those emails they had not sent the reset link at all. I gave yoyo games all my details including the vat reciept number and my latest email address to send the password reset link to but neither the original email adress or my lastest contain any such link.I do not know what more i can do i am at my wits end.Can anyone tell me if there is a live chat available or know how to solve this problem please somebody reply as i cannot afford to pay the Ā£26 for game maker 2 at this moment in time


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There is no live chat, all support requests will have to go through the helpdesk (see reply above mine), but you seem to be in touch with them already. Did you receive any reply from support yet?

I'm also a bit confused about some statements and unsure which terms refer to which accounts, so let me try to get this straight... please correct me on any of the following statements if they are wrong.

There seem to be (at least) three accounts involved here:
- your YoYo account ("the account i created")
- the email account you used to register said YoYo account ("the original email adress")
- your current email account ("my lastest")

You don't remember the password of your YoYo account.
You either don't remember the email you used to register said YoYo account (but then remembered - "And when i finally managed to open those emails") or no longer have access to it ("which i no longer have" (... access to?)).
You tried to reset your password using various different email accounts, but the password reset mail is not arriving to any of them.

Did you check the spam folders of all of your email accounts?

PS: This is the reason why I use a password manager - even if I forget an account's credentials, which has an approximately 100% chance of happening once I haven't used the account in a few years months weeks, chances are high it won't.