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Android Hi! I need some help with IAPs please!


Rodrigo Renovatio

Hi! Im new in gaming development but I made this nice game called Booster Fox, its now on Play Store, the problem is when i want to add IAPs.

Im using the Google Play Services Extension, Google Play Services IAP Extension and Google Play Licensing As Extension. With the Billing permission com.android.vending.BILLING, Internet permission, Network state permission. Also im using the public key from Google Play Store Dev Console.

This is my code:

First object in creation Event:

var map_create = true;
if map_create
global.purchaseMap = ds_map_create();
var product2 = "credits100";
ds_map_add(global.purchaseMap, product2, 0);
ds_map_secure_save(global.purchaseMap, "iap_data.json");
var productList = ds_list_create();
pGold = ds_map_create();
ds_map_add(pGold, "id", "credits100");
ds_map_add(pGold, "title", "100 Credits");
ds_map_add(pGold, "type", "Consumable");
ds_list_add(productList, pGold);

In a button obj in Left Pressed Event

if iap_status() == iap_status_available
var product = "credits100";
if ds_map_find_value(global.purchaseMap, product) == 0
iap_acquire(product, "");
show_message_async("Store is not available.");

Async Event:

var val = ds_map_find_value(iap_data, "type");
switch (val)
case iap_ev_purchase:
var map = ds_map_create();
var purchase_id = ds_map_find_value(iap_data, "index");
iap_purchase_details(purchase_id, map);
if ds_map_find_value(map, "status") == iap_purchased
var product_id = ds_map_find_value(map, "product");
ds_map_replace(global.purchaseMap, product_id, 1);

case "credits100":
case iap_ev_consume:
var product_id = ds_map_find_value(iap_data, "product");
if ds_map_find_value(iap_data, "consumed")
ds_map_replace(global.purchaseMap, product_id, 0);
global.puntos += 100;
ds_map_secure_save(global.purchaseMap, "iap_data.json");

The problem I saw is that its not even activating the IAP in my first object, always giving me this in the console:

Finished PrepareGame()
BILLING: Request deferred, store isn't available right now

I really dont know what to do, i tryed everything, i dont know if it is my code or my Google Play account (merchant account).
By the way, in my Google Play Account, in the Country field, it says Argentina, i dont have a banking account yet so I didnt fill the payments configuration, is it really necessary for iap tests?

Thanks a lot!

PD: sorry for my bad english hehe