Android Hero Rescue PRO - Pin Pull - Save Princess


Hero Rescue PRO - Pin Pull - Save Princess

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Hero Rescue PRO is a challenging free puzzle game with lots of quizzes and jigsaw puzzles. Rescue hero and princess. This game train your brain, memory and skills of pull the pin. It is an IQ challenge for you. Jigsaw puzzle game is perfect for jigsaw puzzle lover. You will love this puzzle game! Do you like brain training games? Pin and pull the pin escape games for free. Try this free pull the pin game 2020, and brain test game! Solve puzzles and rescue the hero, collect all treasures, kill the monsters and save the princess. You have to do to pull the pins in the correct order, the hero can take the hidden treasure and save the princess away.

- Many different levels from easy to hard
- 6 Heroes
- Free to play
- Test your IQ, test your brain
- Best puzzle game
- Build your castle
- Achievments
- Daily Bonus


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Cool. I've seen similar games advertised all over the web but it's good to see you have managed to get one done in gamemaker. :)



yeah I was thinking the same
was thinking the same same

but also when i saw these ads I thought wow cool looking game.. then i saw well it's an ad so it's probably full of ads and nonsense instead of just .. play it !

so if this ends up being one of those.. just play it games!
well I see a lot of potential.