Help with running paths & timelines


Hi, I imported a game made from GM Studio 1.4 into GM Studio 2.0, and learning GM 2.0. (FYI, I don't know much about GML)
However, the conversion doesn't seem successful.

In my game, with a mouse click, it was supposed to run action_path(), action_sound() and action_timeline_set() at the same time (see the screenshot).
However, in the version imported to GM 2, none of these work with a mouse click.
It seems like action_path(), action_sound() and action_timeline_set() have become obsolete in GM 2.
However, the very same scripts work well when it is NOT dependent on a mouse click. I'm wondering if something went wrong when connecting a mouse click with the path/sound/timeline scripts.

If possible, could you let me know what went wrong in the script below? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time!



The Laughing Rogue
Howdy, anjskd, and welcome to the GMC. $:^ J

Event: Mouse Left Released
Code: mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left);

Seem like the problem? And btw, were you still using Drag and Drop in GMS 1.4, or did some crazy person convince you to use the undocumented action_ functions?

I hope this helps,


Thanks for your reply!
If possible, could you let me know why mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left); could be a problem and what should replace it?

Also, I was using Drag and Drop in GMS 1.4. If action_ is undocumented, what should replace it?


The Laughing Rogue
You're welcome!

The problem I see is that the event triggers the moment the button is released, but the code is checking for the moment the button is pressed.

As for the conversion from GMS 1 to 2, I'm sorry, but I've only piddled with GMS2 enough to know I'd like it if I had the spending money for it. All my experience is legacy. Someone else can surely advise better than I. My general advice for trying on your own would be to find the new GMS2 Drag and Drop replacements and/or learn the GML equivalents and replacements. After all, I figure the action_ functions in GMS2 are just wrappers for the proper functions, thus you should be able to do the right clicks or keyboard presses to see what those functions are made of. (Is it still middle mouse button and/or F12?)

I hope this also helps,