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Question - D&D Help with random


Hi everybody. I know you dont like DnD but I just want to try if you can help me.
I am trying to randomly create one of these 4 objects after start game. But it doesnt works for me .... this biuld always create only last (red) object. Can you tell me what am I doint wrong?

This build is on OBJECT5 --- Create Event .... and Object5 is in room without sprite


When you run a game in the IDE, the order of the random numbers are always the same. This allows you to consistently test the behaviour of your game.

If you want to make sure you get different random numbers each time you run the game in the IDE, you need to call the randomise() function once at the start of your game, for example in a controller objects Game Start event.

Which in DnD seems to be this little fella :