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Help with programming ENUM for Game Maker 8.1


Hi there makers!

I need some ideias on how to make a custom script that emulates enumerator (enum) in GM 8.1
I've tried to create a script with 2D Arrays that stores a value and enumerates it, but I wasn't successful.

The logic is:
  • Name your enumerated list
  • Store X values
  • Assign int numbers to each value
  • Return the number if the list and the value is called by an object

Any tips on how to do that?


You can't directly measure the length of an array or pass them around in legacy GM 8.1, that was introduced in GMS 1.3. You should use ds_list instead.


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To be more specific, attempting to assign or return an array in GM8.1 will instead assign/return the first item, which might explain any unusual side effects that you might be seeing.