Graphics Help with non coding issue

Okay dont know if this is the place to post this but since the issue in question does not actually involve any coding figured this might be a good place.
If not please tell me where to post this. So I've got a question regarding animations. I've gotten to the point where I would like to add animations to my game and so need to find sprites I can use for the sprite editor.
Anyone got any recommendations where I might find sprites for animating the game using the frame system of the sprite editor.

Also thank you for any help.


If you want original sprites, make your own using tools like Aseprite, or if you have any kind of budget there are tons of talented artists waiting for work :) if you’re making a fangame of any kind, spriters-resource is awesome, but everything there will be copyrighted and no good for commercial use of course. certainly is a resource. It has varying quality though. Depending on the type of game you are making and the amount of scrolling you are willing to do, you might be able to find some cool stuff there.
The thing is you'll probably have a hard time getting visual consistency between assets if you try to get all the animations independently.
What I would suggest if you find either 2D modular character parts that you animate independently and "glue" together (à la Spine/Dragonbones), or a 3D model that you rig and animate in Blender and then render as a series of frames.
It does takes some work, but going this way, you can reuse your skeletons on different models, so the bigger the game, the more work you save. Plus, if you find a model but doesn't have the, say, "die" animation, you can still use that model and just make a die animation for it, instead of going "damn, I wish this character had this or that animation in the zip file ".
Also, a 40-50$ cheap drawing tablet is worth it's weight in gold, if you just use a mouse!