Help with new game with multiple user profiles


Anthony Diaco

Hi everyone. This is my first game with gamemaker. I have a lot of coding experience but no experience building games.

So I'm trying to build a game where an essential part is the ability for players to create a profile that will have a limited number of saved variables associated with it (current level, time played, etc.). Nothing crazy. This seems like a fairly common bit of functionality. Was wondering if there was a decent tutorial out there for it. Or if someone could just recommend the best approach to the data structures and what not. Like do I create a file with the profile names, and then a separate file with a ds_map for each name? Or should I be storing everything in one file? I just don't know how this is usually done...

thanks so much


There is thousand ways of doing this. You should first, on a separate project, try one and see if you like it. A simple way would be one ini.file by profile. Name them in a way that you could easily work with:


and on each ini.file you have the key needed like name, savegame, etc...
Txt file could be great too.
I personnaly like using ds_map (with ds_map_secure_save)