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Windows Help with game design

Discussion in 'Programming' started by TorbCraft, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. TorbCraft

    TorbCraft Guest

    Thanks for coming by my post. I started doing gamemaker about 2 months ago and Im making a game thats kindve like World of Warcraft except 2D, different graphics, and not as much stuff. So if you can help in GML code that would be great because Im trying to learn everything in GML.

    But anyways, I have been looking around the internet trying to find a way to make a character create screen, and a character select screen, what I mean by character select screen is, load a character you create and load where it is and everything. I want to be able to have more then only one selectable characters so the person who plays the game can try all classes, races, ect. It sounds cool right? Well, I couldnt find any info on the web on how to do this. If you can show me a thread that explains this exact problem or can post the gml code down below. That would be helpful. It would be awesome if you can explain what codes do what along the way but thats only if you have time to put that in too. Thanks :D If I didnt explain this well just let me know and I can give you more info.
  2. marsiic

    marsiic Guest

  3. TorbCraft

    TorbCraft Guest

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