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Windows Help with fullscreen stuff!



I'm making my first game ever and it will be shown at an art exhibition, here in Finland.
Is there anyway to make sure, that player can't leave the game when it's in fullscreen (the game will be played on windows 10) I was wondering that can I disable windows own shortcuts, like alt + f4 or alt + tab using GML ? I try to make it hard to leave the game so people can't do anything else with the computer - for example delete the game or something like that.
And can I disable the power button? :D
If memory serves me, "kiosk mode" works only with UWP apps(and requires UAC), so better to deal this with Dll and low-level system hook. Wrote a small library that forces Windows to ignore ALT+TAB and ALT+F4(But I was too lazy to diable hook if active another window, so until game is opened these shorts will not work anywhere). Example project here, sources for dll included.
P.S. You can disable power button in Power Options menu in Windows.