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Help With Character Creation Code *Remake*



Hey guys, I know I have already posted a similar thread to this, but I haven't really been working on Gamemaker for some time. So I wanted to make a new post on this subject. Now I have two questions to ask, but I'll only ask the first question as I create this thread and then I'll ask the second one after someone replies.

Question #1: This is a simple question or so I think at least and I wanted to get this out of the way first. But for some reason I'm getting an error in this line of code:
global.Gender = 0
global.Skin = 0
global.Headwear = 0
global.Hairstyle = 0
global.Head = 0
global.Body = 0
global.Pants = 0
For some reason it says global.Skin, global.Head, and global.Pants have an error and the error is variable name expected. I never had this error before using the exact same global variables in the code above!