GMS 2 Help with black screen in GM 2


Hi all,

I'm a GM2 beginner. I made a game using Drag/Drop on GM Studio 1.4 and imported the old game from GM1.4 into GM2.
However, when I run the imported game on GM2 and click a button (i.e., button named "accept_practice_F1" from the screenshot), the game screen goes black and it crashes down. I believe the issue may have something to do with infinite loops, but I'm not familiar with it at all.
I'm wondering if anyone could let me know how to troubleshoot this, or where to fix from the screenshot.



The problem is your action_if_mouse script, which you haven't provided. However, it looks like you're using some outdated mouse functions that no longer exist. Check the Manual for replacement mouse functions that work in your version of Game Maker Studio.