GML Help with aspect ratio



Recently I've realized that when testing my game on screens with different aspect ratios, words (or whatever is being drawn on Draw GUI layer) tend to go off screen.

Now I've been experimenting with "display_get_gui_width" and "display_get_gui_height", which keeps the text within the window but now when I resize window, the words keep being placed at different places. It also seems to keep the scaling (of font size), so on smaller screen the texts appears huge.

How do you keep the things exactly where it should be in proportion to your game window? I know this might be vague question, but what is the best way to approach this? Any help or guidance will seriously be appreciated.

Here's an example of what I'm doing now:

if monk[1] = true {
draw_text(display_get_gui_width()- 600,display_get_gui_height() - 180,"Soon the full moon will rise...")