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SOLVED Help with ads not showing on Redmi Note devices.


Hello. I've uploaded a game to google play store that is meant to show banner ads.

During the whole development, I was able to work with test ads on my device with no issues. Then after I rolled it out to production, I realised they were working correctly on 90% of all the devices when my friends tried it out, they had a variety of android versions.

It's just that for some reason 2 of my friends won't get ads displayed and they both have a Redmi Note 7 and a Redmi Note 8 - They've confirmed to me that they weren't using an adblocker and playing it online (since the game would prompt you to connect to the internet if the device was online, anyway). It seems that the problem is the device model itself. The ad units were created a month ago, and my adsense and admob accounts were set up long before production.

Have you ever experienced something like that and fixed it? It's just that I'm fairly sure the ads are working and set up properly since they show anywhere else. I searched online and found several unity devs with the same issue pointing to xiaomi redmi, but they weren't resolved.

Do you have an idea on how would you go on debugging something like it with no access to such a phone?

Here's the code if somehow it's useful:

//Create event

GoogleMobileAds_AddBanner(banner_id, GoogleMobileAds_Banner);

if(global.test_ads_switch == true)
    GoogleMobileAds_UseTestAds(false, "DE24A1C73D57BA483DF6453696490DBC");

//Load Banner

------------//Async Event
var _id = async_load[? "id"];
if(_id == GoogleMobileAds_ASyncEvent)
    var ident = async_load[? "type"];
    switch (ident)
        case "banner_load":
            if(async_load[? "loaded"] == 1)
                global.banner_w = GoogleMobileAds_BannerGetWidth();
                global.banner_h = GoogleMobileAds_BannerGetHeight();
                var _hh = display_get_height();
                var _ww = display_get_width();
                GoogleMobileAds_MoveBanner((_ww*0.5) - (global.banner_w*0.5), _hh - global.banner_h);
        default: break;
Thank you for all your input.


For those who would stumble with a case were your ads obviously work and are properly set up in your app, don't fret, it seems that for some device models the admob solicitude for displaying ads may take some time. In my case, it took them 24+ hours to process it and now redmi note devices are displaying ads properly.

Just wait a day or so and try again.