3D Help with 3D blood decals on walls (GM 1.4)

Salem Holly

In my 3D fps shooter, I have a pretty basic system for blood. It just spawns a flat sprite on the ground, and to keep the game from slowing down, I have an instance check that sees if there are more than X amount of blood decals, and if there are, then it deletes the first ones created. This works fine, but I've been itching to improve the blood mechanics. It looks weird only spawning on the floor and not the walls when blood is flying everywhere

Is there an optimized way to have blood decals spawn on the surfaces of walls? If so, how would I go about doing it? Also, is there a way to optimize blood decals in 3D in general? it would be cool to be able to spawn high amounts with little to no slow down. sort of like drawing them onto a surface in 2D. That way I don't have to have an instance number check.

Btw, sorry for this mess of a question. There is just a lot to cover, and I don't know where to start, or how to go about doing anything like this in 3d. I've seen examples of it in other people's 3D projects, but there aren't any tutorials. Some code or a link to a tutorial would be highly appreciated