SOLVED Help to object in bad view position


Hi guys, i recently have created a room of 3840x2160 and i put it a view of 1920x1080 (i can't change this, it's necessary)
So, it's look its like thats:
So, i have created a object called "Dialogbox" and in the Step code i put to him be like: x=view_xport[0]+12, y=view_yport[0]+24 and so, the dialogbox have in what i wanna it!
Anyways, i put another object called "Invmenu" and my wish it's put a bit more down of the view, so i put it: x=view_xport[0]+12, y=view_yport[0]+1700, but, when i have tested something gone wrong about it, i say, i used the same code in Step, and Create code and just have a little problem:
And i change codes, i put to follow the "Invmenu" and him gone to outside view square an go to there. I try it somes things, and gone wrong!

Please some code to help me?



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Por que você não está usando o evento Draw GUI para isso?
That Works it! Very thank you! 😃