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Windows [HELP] Sprite index isn't working


Hi i'm new to GameMaker and I don't understand why this code isn't working. I have sprites sPlayerPunchRight and sPlayerPunchLeft and an object oPlayer. In oPlayer there's a left pressed event that has this code in it.
// Punching
WhichPunch = random_range(1,2);

if (WhichPunch == 1) {
    sprite_index = sPlayerPunchRight;

if (WhichPunch == 2) {
    sprite_index = sPlayerPunchLeft;
When i click the left mouse button nothing happens.


random_range(1,2) will return a random number from 1 to 2, but the value may be a real number like 1,65265. Real numbers can also be used as input arguments.
since it gives you a decimal number, the "if" code is not executed.

you should use the choose function instead of the random range,

WhichPunch = choose(1,2);

and use randomize(); at the start of your game.