Android Help Please GMS2-Mobile


I'm a beginner. from Russia. It’s hard to explain in English, but I’ll try.
The problem is in building an Android game. Installed according to the instructions on the official website of yoyo. I checked all versions in the settings.
1) (1 photo) It seems to me that the problem is in the old version of Gradle Damon, I have 5.1.1, I need version 6 by the log, where I do not know where to update. This was when I tried to start the game simple (USB - debugging, the device - Lenovo Tab 4 Plus TB-8704X 64Gb), and through the debugging mode in GMS.
2) (2 photo) I tried to assemble a ready-made game for Android empty, (I created a new project, I changed the settings tab for Android, I didn’t add anything to the project itself - it’s standard 1 room only), there was an error in the log that NDK version 14 is not supported, but I have at least 16 version of the NDK in my settings ...
Help what to do? =(



GMS runtime currently uses gradle plugin 3.4.1 where gradle 5.1.1 should be fine (reference:
The NDK warning should also be safe to ignore as long as you don't plan to make your game available to android devices that runs on API level lower than 16 (that is, < Android 4.1).
(I had published a game recently which always had the NDK warning when compiling)

You can try to update Android Studio to the latest version (3.5.3 for windows), or do a clean install if you had ever used older versions.

The Aapt2Exception looks like something wrong in Android Studio + its gradle plugin, which is sometimes seen in non-English OS environments (anecdotal reports found in Google search results).
I'd recommend installing everything in English paths if applicable (which you seem to have already done though).
For example I used
C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk

Your log somehow contains "тест" in some places; is it perhaps your test project name?


Yes, "тест" is the name of my project for a test in Russian language.

Thanks for the instruction, I will try to do everything as you said.