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Windows Help! No assets/instances showing. Just solid color background.



Today I purchased GMS2 and imported a game from GMS1. When run, it didn't display anything unless it included a solid color background, in which case that was all it could display. Since the room used a blue sky, the whole screen was blue, but nothing more than that.

I tried with some demos (Yoyo Dungeon, etc.) and the same happens. If there isn't any background, the screen is black instead (the default color). The game content seems to work, but nothing can be seen.

It is not due the depth or the layer order, because no matter how you alter it, it remains the same. Neither using views (or not using them) seem to change it.

I've searched a lot and I can't find a solution.

Does anybody know what is it due to?

Thank you! :)

PD: the first pic is from the room editor. The second one is after running.

2021-01-25 (3).png2021-01-25 (4).png


@Yulaserio I've read in the past that it could be your anti virus. I've also heard that it could be as simple as saving the file to a new name.

There is also a chance that a gms1 files aren't compatible with gms2.

I hope this gives you something to test until someone with the exact help that you are looking for comes by.


Now the problem is with my backgrounds. I can see instances but backgrounds don't appear. Could it be related to my last problem?

I hope them to fix this, it is very stressful.