Mac OSX [Help] Mono closing & importing studio 1 game to studio 2


Ben Foltz

Hello my name is Ben. In a course at my school I created a simple game in GameMaker Studio 1.


Although, when I downloaded GameMaker Studio 2 and attempted to import my game I ran into a major issue with "Mono." When I try to run my game "Mono" likes to quit interrupting the run time and not allowing me to finish running my game. Here is what pops up:<Image Link Removed - Malicious Domain Detected>/iAS0yb

Additional Information:
I am running GameMaker Studio 2 on my MacOSX Retina Display from 2013 in El Capitan.
I do have the most recent update of "Mono" installed but I have not deleted the old version (if I need to?)

Final Words:
If you have fixed this issue on your own computer or know how to fix it, please let me know! Assistance is greatly appreciated.
If I left any important information out that is required to know in order to fix this, as well let me know.

Thank you,