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Windows Help It wont let me download GMS 2

Hi, I am new to this forum and forums in general.

I bought GMS 2 (99$ forever version) probably a year ago and haven't been having any issues until recently with a new windows update. I do not have the app anymore (like it is not anywhere on my computer) and when I try to download the newest version it goes through the normal process except when it hits the part where it says you already have game maker studio installed, do you want to uninstall it and install the new version, ok or cancel. I choose ok and the prompt goes away and nothing happens. The update also shut off my internet and all networks so I reset it a couple of times, followed a few youtube videos of people with the same issue, fixed it by resetting the network, and some of my apps disappeared, among them GMS 2.

I am worried that I would have to buy the license again to redownload game maker 2. Is that a valid concern or is there some other way to redownload the app?

* in my settings and devise manager it says I don't have the GMS 2 app
* could this be a thing where I deleted the wrong file and now the whole app dies?
* any info helps


Glad you got it (sort of) sorted. It might've been a windows user/admin inconsistency.

I am worried that I would have to buy the license again to redownload game maker 2.
You will never have to do this under nearly any circumstance, don't worry (maybe if you break EULA, not positive). You can always directly contact YoYo Games for help if the problem proves to be too complex for the forum, before you throw money away.