Help I have a problem with the camera in small rooms

I have a problem when going from one room to another and that is that I have a camera that is larger than the room and then it is placed in a place outside the room and leaves the middle part of the room on one side of the screen and on the other side only the background (I made the background gray to be easier to see and distinguish from a blurred background), if anyone has any way to make the camera only show the center of the room (No I care that there are black bars on the screen since I will make the background black and the other rooms should not appear but if I care that the sizes of the rooms are correct) without causing the game to distort, I would appreciate it very much ( I am using google translator in case I am not well understood) ignore the bugs in the HUD i will fix it later



Is the view set to follow an object? Or is it just set to be at specific coordinates in the room? If you set the view coordinates manually (not following an object), then the view can go outside the room. If the view is set to follow an object, then I think it is forced to stay inside the room, which would explain image #2.