Alpha Hell Is For Heroes | Sci-Fi Action-RPG


I've been working on this engine semi-regularly for about 7 months now, and I figured it's in good enough shape to show off a little bit. The engine is being developed using Game Maker: Studio 2; I'm the only one working on it as of now. I've had the story idea in my head for years, but now I've finally got decent enough at programming to bring it to life.

Here's the most recent development video of the engine:

Game Lore

In the year 3427, humankind is beginning to be a fading memory of distant era. The WRC is the last bastion of civilization on Earth, a technologically advanced society that survived the devastation of the Final War twelve-hundred years ago. But as with the ancient societies of old, the WRC has fallen to corruption, greed, and the darkest parts of humanity. Inequality and injustice afflict the citizens of the Outer Zones, designated for those of lesser status within the city-nation.

Beyond the WRC's walls lies the Outlands, where the remnants of what once act as home to small nations scattered along the land. The WRC permanently occupies most Outlander territory, and extracts natural resources and slave labor from their territories.

As the old afflictions of the human race see the world to its end, a small rebellion hopes to plant the seeds of change, and fight for the future of the people of the Outer Zones and the Outlanders.

Interested In Doing Artwork For The Game?
Right now I'm looking for a talented artist to take this concept to the next level. The long term goal is to pitch the game to a publisher, maybe try a Kickstarter campaign and see where it goes. I'm really excited about where this concept is going and I'd love to get a team together working on it! if you'd like to talk about maybe being involved, email me at

Hope you all liked what you saw!