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Question - Code Hebrew characters

Hi, I want to add another language to my game (Hebrew), and no matter what I do, it does not work, even after I changed the range, can you please help me? All help will be welcome.


Adding Hebrew's range (1424-1535) is pointless if the font you chose doesn't come with the glyphs. Check the font in Character Map, don't just rely on the preview. The preview steals glyphs from other fonts if the selected font doesn't have it, giving the wrong impression that it works even when it doesn't.

Also, you should know that GM's sprite-based font rendering system doesn't have built-in support for right-to-left or CTL text. There are ways for adapting the system, but nothing official.
Yes, the glyphs are indeed in the font I am using, and I readded the range, but still, nothing when I am drawing the text, also, I got around the problem of no left to right text
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