Asset - Scripts Health system with hearts!


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Easily add a heart based health system to your game!


- Health system with hearts.

- Health system with health bar.

- Health system with text.


- Easy to use and modify.

- No thousands of scripts! Only three different scripts and objects for each health system. (Means you need only one script and one object for a game).

- Code is commented.


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Hi, because of some reason, I can't edit my first post, but I just wanted to say that this asset is now free. Why? Because... when it is free, everyone can get it and everyone is happy! If you show your gratitude and share it with others and maybe consider looking to my other assets in marketplace, (for example, Text Box Maker PRO) I would be happy too. But enjoy this free asset if you need health system for your game.
And another thing. The images don't appear in the first post so I put them again here.

heart system.pngSS HP system.png