Android HD Quality for Multiple Android Devices



Hey guys, I don't know enough to decide on the best course of action.

I'm working on a game with HD quality, puzzle type game, no pixelated look at all. There will be a board with 8 columns and 8 rows all side by side and from the very left side of the board to the right side of the board I want it to take up the entire width of the screen on the user's phone. (height doesn't matter)

I'm thinking that there are 3 options to have an HD quality for all phone sizes. I can make and design the game for the largest display size out (2560 x 1600) where the width 1600 divided by my 8 squares would take up 200 pixels, so I can make my sprites 200 pixels each and either:

1) scale the view size for smaller display devices to be able to see the whole board or
2) scale the sprites down to fit the display size and keep the view size the same as the display size or
3) do something I haven't thought of yet.

What's the standard practice when creating HD games?
If you want to make a "truly" HD game, you are in for some headaches. Unless you want to use vector graphics, scaling to be SUPER high res on any resolution is going to be a pain.

Additionally, having a ton of high res assets in a GM project targeting a mobile platform is a good recipe for really, really bad game performance. Numerous large texture pages = many texture page swaps per step = slowdown on mobile platforms.

I highly recommend NOT making your game HD. I would suggest a max resolution of 960x540 and allow the game to scale with interpolation to the display's size. You may be surprised how good this can look. You can maybe scale your GUI elements to match the screen res, and have different fonts being used based on the max resolution of the display you are running on. This will give you incredibly sharp looking text on high res screens, but means you'll need to adjust your layout and font based on resolution... which just sounds like a pain.

Just my two cents. Maybe someone else will come along with some actual advice for how to help you avoid pitfalls when targeting actual HD+.


So it's a GM limitation to handle HD quality? So if I wanted to target xbox one 2d gaming HD playing on a a 50 inch HD TV I would have to go with another program? Well alrighty then haha!