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Mac OSX Having trouble trying to export to Mac

Hey guys,

I'm trying to export a game demo I made for OSX, but every time I open the app, I get a pop-up menu that says it quit unexpectedly. Does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it? I made the game using GMS 1.4, and thus, exported it from that version. Is there something I'm missing?

Please let me know.


Friendly Tyrant
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Is this STILL using GameMaker 1.4 or is this a GM1.4 game that you've opened in GMS2 and are trying to export? If you're trying to export it from GM1.4 then there are a LOAD of things that could be wrong, since that version of GM hasn't been updated for years, and MacOS has had several core updates in that time. Tbh, I wouldn't expect anything exported by GMS 1.4 to work on any platform any more except Windows.