GMS 2 Have you *officially* moved over to GM2 yet?

Discussion in 'Community Chat' started by andev, Dec 1, 2017.

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    Jun 23, 2016
    1 year since I bought 1 year subscribe license. Used it about 10 days. I had to rethink all in my games because of changed GMLanguage. When a new version is here it usually happens that all games should be re-written because they can not work. I am tired to do this because of that or because I must rewrite the code (mess) or some bug occured.
    I cant get comfortable with the interface, sad there is not a choise to work in classic mode.
    Another bad point is that is requires to update at starting, if I say no, it closes. I feel it somehow like windows 10 and I am tired of update assistant, messages, skype update... Before I start doing anything I must close a bunch of messages and windows and GM2 is going the same way.
    Upgrading to the last version in anykind of software is the worst think one can do if it is a big project. This may ruin everything because of being incompatible, unexpected bugs - and wait, we will fix it.... eventually...later... but you can not revert to the old version, because it can not open the project :p
    And it is an illusion that having the last version is the best choises. Most people with modern tools can not achieve things made in 80s or 90s with much primitive software. Using Photoshop 2019 doesnt make anyone better than a master who is using v. 6 for example. But makes someone richer.
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