HTML5 Haunted Lands - Free retro action platformer


While taking a short break from my main project I desided to make something completely different: a free small DOS style action platformer, nostalgic homage to classic games, such as Dangerous Dave and Doom.
So I present you, Haunted Lands.

Blast your way through the hordes of ghouls and demons, leaving behind nothing but their rotting corpses.

The first release includes:
- 2 difficulty modes;
- 2 playable characters;
- 6 fast levels swarming with dozens of enemies (and extra something);

Trailer / gameplay video:

Play for free in browser here:
or here:

Of course, all feedback is welcome.


Updated the game to fix some bugs and make dodge roll a bit easier to use as it now can cancel last few frames of recoil.


Cool game...smooth controls and nice music...
At first I thought "reload" was busted...then realized reload will stop if you have the character in motion.
Left additional comments over at


Since the release of the browser version of the game, a lot of people have shown interest in it, for which I am greatly thankful to everyone. Thanks to the feedback, I was able to fix the bugs of the release version and improve some of its functional elements.

I was also asked to release a version for the Windows platform. Now it is available for download on the game page, absolutely free just as the browser version. The only difference between the versions is the zoom option in Windows version.
The download is available here (bottom of the page):
Haunted lands

In the next few days I plan to publish some of my ideas regarding the possible further development of the game. Perhaps someone will be interested.


Pretty decent and impressive! :bunny:
But I have one suggestion: people with a QWERTZ-keyboard like me would be really grateful if you (and all the other QWERTY-folks too) defined Y as a jump button next to Z, so that we would not have to change our keyboard layout every time we play a browser game ;)