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UWP Has anyone gotten xboxlive_sprite_add_from_gamerpicture to work?


I am working on a Creators Program game.
I have this code (from a sample):
var _a = 0;
var _num = xboxlive_get_user_count();
for (var i = 0; i < _num; ++i;)
var _uid = xboxlive_get_user(i);
if _uid != pointer_null
global.UserName[_a] = xboxlive_gamedisplayname_for_user(_uid);
global.UserScore[_a] = xboxlive_gamerscore_for_user(_uid);
global.UserRep[_a] = xboxlive_reputation_for_user(_uid);
global.XBLPic = xboxlive_sprite_add_from_gamerpicture(_uid, 256, 0, 0);

Of this code, the only thing that is returning a result in the array is xbox_live_gamedisplayname(). The rest of the xboxlive_ functions don't return useful values.

Then I have this code in an async Image Loaded event in the same object:
if ds_map_find_value(async_load, "id") == global.XBLPic
if ds_map_find_value(async_load, "status") >= 0
sprite_index = global.XBLPic;

This Image Loaded event never fires.
When I try this same approach in a Windows app pulling an image from the web with sprite_add and the Image Loaded event, it works as expected.

Has anyone gotten xboxlive_sprite_add_from_gamerpicture working from a UWP Creators app (not ID@Xbox), I'd love to know.
Or if anyone can confirm that this is not supported, that would be great too.