Android Harvest Master: Farm Sim [Free/Paid]




I'm a long-time user of Game Maker and just a couple of months ago finished a game inspired by Harvest Moon. Just recently I decided to make an ad-supported for free with only a few limitations. My game is on Android and I'm currently trying to get it onto Steam.

Harvest Master: Farm Sim Features
• Four seasons, each with their own unique selection of crops that can be grown
• Play as a male farmer or a female farmer
• Several festivals including Animal Festivals and Crop Festivals
• 5 bachelorettes and 5 bachelors for a total of 10 marriageable villagers!
• Scenes with marriage candidates when you are friends, dating and married
• Propose to your love OR wait for them to want to propose to you
• Three different types of animals: Cows, Sheep and Chickens!
• Mining for different types of ore and gems such as silver, gold and diamonds
• Build new and better tools at the blacksmith using ore you have mined
• Go fishing at the pier

Harvest Master: Farm Sim - Free Version

Harvest Master: Farm Sim - Premium Version

Harvest Master - Steam Greenlight