Released (Halal) Snack Pack Attack [iOS] [Android]



Greetings GMC,

After being fed up with the behaviour with a xenophobic and ignorant politician in my country, I've composed a satirical miniature for both iOS and Android platforms.

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From a carpark in Western Sydney far far away, comes the chronicle of a Senator named Sam Dastyari and his maleficent plan to plaster any nearby red-haired politicians in halal-certified doner kebab meat (with her choice of garlic or BBQ sauce of course).

Join the struggle against haram and help this pollie dodge as many Snack Packs as she can on her path to becoming the world Halal Snack Pack dodging champion.

This project is part of a movement against bigotry and in support of a multicultural Australia.

"98% of Australians oppose (Halal) Snack Pack Attack." - Sydney Morning Herald.
"Please explain!" - Pauline Hanson
"Absolutely brilliant." - Me


IMG_2751.PNG IMG_2754.PNG IMG_2757.PNG IMG_2758.PNG

Hopefully my fellow Australians - and those beyond - can enjoy this for what it is! Any questions, comments, suggestions or criticisms? Feel free to leave them below, or leave a review!
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