GMC Jam HackMan




A fast-paced "hacking" game made for the GMC Jam 1
You are a virus. You're goal is to hack all the computer chips. Jump from wire to wire dodging antiviruses while racing around a circuit board. Contains 6 levels and multiple enemy types!

Download Here.

Controls: Move with WASD or arrow keys.
Made by: AT and SA

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Yes, I made no attempt to follow the theme. Forgive me.
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I'm glad you posted this topic, because the Jam zip I downloaded seems to be missing your game. The folder is there... but it's empty.

Anyway, this is pretty fun. I like the movement mechanic. Like Tron meets road racers. It feels pretty smooth, and after a few tries I was able to get past the first 2-3 levels / chips. Not exactly sure how I did it, but I tried to match my speed to the "data packets" and things went pretty well.

The perspective change with direction is a nice touch. And it makes controlling the player a lot easier. I also appreciate having the option of right-hand or left-hand controls. The mini-map was sort of useful -- at least giving me a heads up that an interchange was approaching. Or rather that I was approaching it.

The graphics and sounds are pretty slick too. Simply drawn, but with a consistent look and theme throughout. Nice job overall -- although not really a Jam-based theme.


Thanks for the feedback! The game having nothing to do with the theme is the most common complaint I'm getting. Initially I had plans to add a story where these hacking levels lead up to nukes accidentally getting launched resulting in "everyone is dead". I didn't have enough time though and I didn't want the gameplay to suffer for the sake of a rushed storyline, so I dropped the theme entirely.

About the empty game folder in the Jam Zip. It was originally missing but if you download the latest version of the zip Alice has provided it should be in there now.