GMS 2 Guys, I need someone to give me runtime

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I need you guys to upload your runtime for me, because i can't download it from IDE.
I tried the runtime in account.yoyogames.runtimes and too not working

Please upload your runtime from %programdata%\GameMaker Studio 2\Cache\runtimes\<Your Runtime>
That's for windows i don't about mac, any ways upload it for me please guys
And thank you for enter my thread
*sorry if there is mistake in the english lang*


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This form of redistribution would likely constitute a breach of the EULA, so I'm not too comfortable with this request. There's no guarantee that any files you potentially could receive will be working and/or not harmful, too.

This may not be as simple as copying a file, and we would not be able to support you properly if you face any issues as a result of doing this as it didn't go through the official channels and is therefore out of YoYo Games' control.

If you're facing technical difficulties, please post a topic in the Tech Support forum or contact the helpdesk and we will help you resolve the core issue without entering EULA gray zones.
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