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I made this demo for LD45, so the name is not final. Will be calling it Guns & Stuff until I have a better name :p

Guns & Stuff
Made in 3 days for Ludum Dare 45

Download it here:

It's a top-down shooter, but unlike most shoot 'em up games, it's not about fast-paced action against hordes of enemies. It's a game that encourages strategy, a game where each enemy matters.

You start with nothing, and you can use any gun that you find. You can pick up attachments, like scopes and night vision goggles.

I haven't done anything post-jam. I want to, but it's really hard to find time these days. So this is the jam version that you'll be playing! (with all of its bugs and problems)

Let me know what you think!

Thanks to @Xor for the night vision shader!
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I am not in a position to play this game at the moment, but I like the concept and visuals.

A good, different title and a custom curser is certainly needed.

What are your plans for this game's future?