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Free Gun Princess Zero


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Gun Princess Zero
The cold war is underway! Unluckily, the enemy don't just sit around threatening you, they've armed four nuclear missiles in secret, planning to wipe out the big city in one fell swoop! Marching into the enemy territory to stop this would lead to a full-scale world war, so instead a single soldier is dispatched to sneak behind enemy lines and fight her way to each missile and disarm it.


Bring on a wide variety of guns and bombs to crush all opposition! Intense platform action in a world with hundreds of rooms to explore! Completely freeform metroidvania action where discovery is the only way forward and you get to decide in what order to take on challenges completely on your own!

Made in GM:S 1.4, exported for Windows.
  • 9 MB
  • Single-player
  • No controller support

Download links:

An 8-bit metroidvania in NES-style. I originally made this game for the "Cold War" GMC Jam, and ended up winning. This version is updated using the jam feedback and released shortly after, so it's made in slightly more than 72 hours. This is the first game I used stock resources, featuring a soundtrack exclusively written by Eric Matyas, fellow GMC member, rather than composing my own.

How to play:
  • The world is made from many rooms! You can find new areas not just by walking off the right edge of the screen, but also left, right and down! Keep an eye out for breakable walls and other secret exits!
  • Move around with the arrow keys.
  • Use Z to jump and X to shoot. Using a weapon or medicine will consume ammunition, keep an eye on your inventory information in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Use Ctrl/Shift to shift the currently equipped item left/right, or the number keys (1-8) to instantly select the corresponding item.
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I'd like to play this... but I can't get past the first screen. I can move back and forth, but that's all. I see "shift" and "CNTRL" flashing on the screen, but those keys don't seem to do anything. Tried them with the number keys also (1 and/or 6), corresponding to the highlighted item. But nothing is happening.

All this is probably clear to most players, especially NES players. But I need some hints about how to control things.


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Just walk off the screen's right edge to proceed to the next screen. I thought that was obvious, but I'll update the game pages with control information.



these type of graphics always tempt me to try out their games, will be playing this!


Honestly, the game was ok. Didn't really play it all the way through.

Reason being I was never a big fan of the sound effects generated from sfxr. The particular sound effect for the gun was tinny and unpleasant.
Not saying your game was bad, just saying I don't particularly care for many of the sounds from sfxr.

The other thing, was the game didn't have any special fx, such as particles during shooting or impact fx when hit or anything.

Fix these 2 things, and I will give you an more in-depth and serious review and longer playthrough. As for now, I can't really rate the game itself, I can't really play it listening to that gun effect over and over again, and it would be better for me if had some basic special fx, it just felt rather empty.

The other thing I noticed was it was too easy to exploit the coins, you could just jump up and down over and over and the coins would respawn immediately, making the coin system a bit pointless and tedious, because you could collect them infinitely and never know when to stop.


I played this game, and I really enjoyed myself! Although I did exploit coins in a loop. I basically grinded until I was an unstoppable killing machine! The graphics made me feel really nostalgic! After a certain point I could just keep getting hit and it just didn't matter so I could just run past some of the harder enemies, and with the boss battles I could just stand in one place and spam at them nonstop. (My fav was the lava one!)

Anyway cool game, great job, and would play again!