Free Guido - Free and open GUI library



Guido is a simple GUI framework that offers lots of functionality without having to write lots of code.

It's not dissimilar to the venerable ImGUI, though Guido is considerably easier to use with GM and requires no DLLs or extensions. Guido is fully cross-platform and uses 100% native GML, and it uses GM-standard draw calls throughout.

Guido isn't intended for flashy menus, it's a barebones system that's focused on providing solid interfaces for tools. Having said that, it's not hard to modify the system to be fancier should you want it!

The library currently has the following widgets:

1. Momentary button
2. Hyperlink
3. Toggle button
4. Checkbox
5. Radio button
6. Tabs
7. Sliders (inc. min/max limits and base units)
8. Real-valued input field (inc. min/max limits and base units)
9. String input field
10. 2D button grid

Guido can also natively display:

1. Text
2. Wrapped text (using draw_text_ext)
3. Sprites
4. Surfaces