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Discussion [GUIDE] Changing the Default Options (such as game speed!) for New Projects in GMS2


If you're like me, you probably hate the fact that the default game speed of your new projects is 30 FPS, and want to have this be 60 instead, so you don't have to go in and change it manually every time a project is created.
I've complained about this before, but I just found a way of changing the default options, and I think you might find it useful. :)

What can this do for you?
Essentially, this allows you to change your default Main options (like game speed), as well as platform-specific options like product and copyright information, graphics options (vsync, allow fullscreen, etc.), and things like splash image, game icon, etc.

You can also add scripts, objects, rooms etc. that will carry over into new projects! Super useful if you have some helper scripts, controller objects etc. that you always use! This is way more useful than I thought!


How to do it:

Open Explorer and go to:


(that path might be different for you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

In that folder you'll find a "base" GMS2 project, that all new projects you create will inherit their default options - and apparently also scripts, objects, assets etc. - from.
Changing the default options is as simple as opening that project with GMS2, and - well - changing them!

Let's say for example you want to set the default game speed to 60 FPS. Open the Main options, and type 60.

If you want to add a script that shows up in all new projects, just create the script!

Save your changes, and... Tada!

Now try to create a new project, look at your new and shiny default options, and cry some tears of joy.


This was written as of IDE and Runtime Future updates could certainly break this. I'm guessing runtime updates might also wipe the base project and reset it to how YYG likes it. Backup your stuff.

How did I find this?
When the open beta launched, I noticed that the option files of my projects were located in a folder named "inherited", and "inherited" was even in the option file's filename.
So ever since then I've been looking for the source of those inherited options, and finally found them today. I'm certainly pretty happy right now ^^
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Be warned, this can be over written with new runtimes. Make sure to back up whatever you put in here.
Given the dangers of doing this by messing with installation files, why not add new options in global preferences so that we don't have to do that?

It's not like we've never asked for it before.


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The issue is that the runtime may well change the base project (which is why its part of the runtimes and not the IDE) - adding options, changing file formats or whatever. So it's not just case of having your "old" one somewhere. But we'll keep this in mind.