GMS 2 gui scaling trouble



Hello, I am having trouble scaling my gui.

so I have the automatic drawing of the application surface turned off,
and am drawing the game surface manually and scaling it myself.

for testing purposes i'm letting my game run in its native resolution ( no scaling )
and am centering it in the middle of the screen.
( so yes the game is a small box surrounded by black space in fullscreen mode)
( quick question, I am on a mac, the game actually seems to be bigger than it is. its running at 360x640
but takes up enough room almost to consider it more like 640x1280, is my game being scaled by the OS? )


now, the way i draw my gui is:
The gui recieves the surface size of the application, and doubles it ( so that text can be HD )
gui set size = (applicationWidth*2,applicationHeight*2)

now since I'm drawing the application surface manually,
the gui keeps being draw outside the surface of the game.
how do i keep my gui to fit inside the application surface, while being 2x the scale of the actual game resolution?

Thank you for reading. Any help is appreciated.
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Phil Strahl

Since you're doing all the surface drawing yourself, have you considered also drawing your GUI yourself onto another surface and just put that on top of your game?