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Good day Gamemakers! : )
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Since I did not find lots of materials explaining how to design/programm a nice Grenade concept and solving the issues comming along with grenades for Top Down Shooter games; I decided to make it myself and use it in my HTML5 Game.

here is a link how it looks sofar in my game: here
here is a link how my asset/Project looks here
and finally here is a link if you like to try it online here

and this is the asset link if you like to read more or get it here

It implements a nice 2D movement including (Flying, falling, bouncing against solid objects and exploding). Smoke effect and Particle system are also used.

* Fully implemented 2D Top Down concept for throwing grenade (Grenade will fly over solid objects until it hits the target then it start colliding and bouncing against solid objects).
* Explosion effects made with particle system, smoke and explosion sprite.
* Explosion leave a stain afterward.
* Curved line pointing from the player to the target.
* Fully implemented concept for destroying the grenade and take it apart to Fractions.
* Fully implemented concept for using Fractions to destroy other destroyable objects (crate).
* sound and sprites are included.

project is compatible with all platforms include HTML5.
Works and tested on
Gamemaker 2.3
Gamemaker 2.2.5

I would be happy if you leave me feedback of what you think.
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