Forum Game Great Train Robbery


All Aboard!

This game is about train passengers on a long distance 5 day trip through a mountainous desert. It is a perilous journey. Some passengers are there to get to 'New Settlement', others want to escape 'Old City', still more want to relieve certain passengers of their belongings.

There are two basic factions, passengers and bandits.

  • passengers have the ability to vote and throw bandits from the train.
  • bandits can search an area at night to steal goods.
  • the Rail-Marshall can search a passenger each day to see if they have stolen goods.

There is a safe, but some passengers have a 'combination', if the bandits get the combination, and find the safe, they get every thing in it.

Each passenger gets a 'treasure' they can keep on them in their cabin, or in the safe. You PM me where you want to keep it. You may only exchange your treasure to or from the safe first thing in the morning.

Bandits can achieve a partial victory by getting to the new settlement with 'some' treasures.
Passengers 'win' by getting their stuff their safely, or getting it back.

There are only 5 days on this trip, and 4 nights.
We need 'about 7 people' to play.

All Aboard!. Next Stop, Adventure!