Graphics and Style

Hello everyone. Very new at this and been using Game maker for about a month. Love that the programming feels similar enough to C++ so haven't had to much trouble with anything simple.

But I'm working with a friend. The plan is to recreate other smaller games while slowly working on the game we want to do slowly. But we decided to finally look into how to get our own artwork or style for the game we want. Im just good enough of an artist to make something interesting.

I guess my question is does game maker only do sprites. Great for practice but it's not the art direction we want to go in. I'd hate to do use something else because I'm getting use to gamemaker faster than I thought. anytime I look it up on youtube or a search It never brings up what I want.

I never post on anything so I hope Im doing this right. need to learn.
Sorry. pixel art only is what I mean. It's not exactly what I'm looking for. But I just found a game called "The swords of ditto" the answered my question. I guess I'm just nervous. Just trying to find examples online that fits what I want to do and got worried


No, gamemaker can do high-res sprites too (hollow knight, guacamelee etc), for example sword of ditto is done in high-res art.
Only problem that comes with high-res art, is that the animation need to be a lot smoother than with pixelart, so it's more work (consider using spine)
Thank you very much for the response. I like those very much but exactly what I'm looking for but sword of ditto is the closest.

Hmmm ok so what I would like to do is something like paper mario (without the paper effect of course). I want the 3d effect while having it still feel more like a cartoon. Like if you're walking down a path and come across a pole, the pole looks like a cylinder and not just a flat surface. A box should still be a square and a car a car. What I want will have set camera angles. But when you go around the corner the camera will turn without and set at a point, so the 3d look is important. But I still want it to feel more like a cartoon than anything. Right now I'm remaking tetris but wanted to tackle adding my own art to Gamemaker in the process so that I won't struggle with this very issue once I get to it. Just want to be sure.