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IMPORTANT: Click on "SPEED" during qualifying (first session) to get out of the pits. Sorry, I forgot that at first.

1) Changing order "speed": improves lap times, but increases mistake chance during a lap
2) Changing order "overtake": higher chance of overtaking and crashing
3) Changing order "defend": higher chance of defending and crashing
4) Changing order "tyre use": higher tyre wear, but better lap times
5) Changing order "engine use": improves lap times, but higher fuel burn

(Orders are changed four times per lap on specific parts of the track, so the change may not appear instantly)

6) Switch between graphical presentation of the cars. If you also click the "POS" button on the left, it will give you the positions of the drivers instead of their driver number
7) Time lapse: 0 (1 frame per second) up to 16x (which may not work because of fps).
8) Change resolution from 1280x720 windowed to 1920x1080 and vice-versa. I only implemented these two common resolutions, if somebody can't play it because his resolution is missing, I can implement that
9) Sound on/off
10) Exit game (no warning) or jumping to race session, if you`re in qualifying.

- Alt + click on fuel = + 10 litres
- Ctrl + click on fuel = + 0.1 litres
- Pitstop: you are setting the new fuel, not the fill

Everything else should be self-explanatory or, like balance of orders and so on, you may found out during playing. A rain system is implemented too, so starting the game all over again a few times makes it possible to drive in the rain.

Edit version 0.11: By pressing spacebar you can now start the car too. The zoom-function can be used by "+" and "-" buttons on the keyboard. And finally the session jump can be achieved by a click on the black part of the time lapse graphic.

Hey everybody,

So here is a (very early) demo version of my racing manager. I've been working on this project for years and before it disappears into nothingness, I thought about at least releasing a small demo version. So I worked again very hard on this the last few weeks to make it playable. I am still bugfixing a lot and some features did not make it into this version. So I wouldn't even give this version something like an Alpha state. From the very beginning realism and balance was way more important to me than graphics. I just wanted to re-create a racing manager like Grand Prix World or F1 Manager Professional. So the game is based on a real racing series and people who know the sport may recognize a few elements...

Of course it was way too much work for one person so it took very long and a few big breaks in between. Dependent on the feedback and how many people are interested in such a project at all (I know that racing managers are a niche) I will consider continue working on the game, but right now there is not much time and probably I just overwhelmed myself with it anyway. I would still appreciate some people testing the game and giving me some feedback.

Link 0.10:
Link 0.11:
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According to the feedback I implemented a few new features (starting car by spacebar too, zoom-function on your own car) and fixed a few bugs. I've also uploaded the new version (0.11 -> link is above). I would be happy if a few more people could test the game, since the controls are a little more intuitive now (you don't desperately have to look for the function to get the car out of the pits - sorry for that).
Good night bro. I tried to download your game to play (I really like the style), but the download is no longer available.

I am also creating a similar game, I have a problem with adding time to each lap. Could you help me with just that?