Gran Trak 30 - A Gran Trak 10 Interpolation

Here's my second Atari interpolation: the Gran Trak 30.

For whose know Atari Gran Trak 10, this game will be quite familiar. Although have some great differences than the original (like time and points count by one, not two), Gran Trak 30 remains true to its origins as much as possible.

I planned an ongoing development cycle for the game, so I'll upgrade whatever I can later. As of now, I truly embeeded the concept of the original game. But there are two major flaws that this game has: Highscores are not permanent (resets everytime you restart the game) and sometimes you can go out of bounds, by going between two pots.
Now here's the game and track, in windowed mode. I even included the oil in the original Gran Trak 10, though as I made the game with monochrome graphics for interpolation purposes, oil is also white and you might be almost invisible when you're on oil. Oh, you also can not turn too :D
Here's the link to the project page. If I make a significant update then I'll enter an entry to both this thread and there.
From this point, I'll go freestyle on this game. Here are some of my plans:
  • Fix highscore and track bugs
  • Add multiplayer (and even AI)
  • Imply colorful graphics (like DragStar Volume 2)
  • Add ability to change tracks (like Atari LeMans, successor of Gran Trak 10)
  • Improve sound effects
If you have your ideas besides that, write down on comments; I'll be happy to get a feedback.