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Adam Martinez

First, I'd like to thank Shaun Spalding for his Game Maker tutorials, which got me started, and all the forum members who helped me when I was stuck (Thank you, Aura!). Also, two big thumbs up for Game Maker: Studio! I only wish I had found it sooner!

Grab & Grow ABC Garden

The game I'm sharing here today is Grab & Grow ABC Garden, an "alphabet-gardening" game for Windows. In this game, players discover small letters by “grabbing” word objects, and “grow” them into big letters by planting and watering them in an “ABC garden”. It's made especially for elementary school students in Korea, who begin learning English in Grade 3, but it may appeal to anyone who likes indie, casual, or cute games.

You can download it for free at (You will need Windows and a two-button mouse to play).

I hope you enjoy playing it and I look forward to hearing what you think!

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This is pretty good. A good start, at least. Although I would fail as an elementary school Korean student. Because I couldn't find the mouse to eat the cheese, or the melon to smash with the hammer. But I was able to complete other tasks.

Making educational games that are also fun is a tremendous challenge these days. So you've got a difficult task here. Even young children can be pretty savvy about games, and they know what's fun. And second-language games are especially challenging. Because the kids may be used to sophisticated games in their native language, even if they're just learning the second language. So the challenge is to be simple with the language, but not overly childish with the gameplay.

I'm not sure how this game will be received by Korean youngsters. I don't know much about Korean youth culture, but I suspect they're pretty smart about games and technology.

Anyway, everything seems to work here. The graphics are pleasing. And the words are clearly enunciated. A couple of times it seemed like the revealed text wasn't displayed long enough for a student to get a good look. But overall it seems pretty good.